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Supervise Telegram contacts

Monitor all of your child’s contacts on Telegram and prevent any suspicious people from befriending your child

Monitor all text and file exchanges

Telegram is most often used to share files, which means that it can be used for exchanging inappropriate or possibly illegal content. Be able to see it all with keep kid secure including text messages, file exchanges, and timestamps

View secret chats

Kids often try to hide their plans and conversations in Telegram secret chat. Stay on top of them with keep kid secure

iOS 6 – 8.4; 9.0-9.1 Jailbreak required
Android 4.0+
Why will you find this feature useful?

Telegram’s secret chatting features have become very popular among young people and adults alike. KeepKidSecure Telegram monitoring helps you discover hidden conversations and plans that could help keep your child out of danger. If your child wants to hide online communication from you, it is likely they will use Telegram. Stay on top of potentially dangerous situations with KeepKidSecure.

Apps to stop bullying and harassment. Full PG control to allow parents to monitor and view their childrens’ WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Emails, GPS locations, calls and listen to phone calls and more. Find out what is usually hidden in a phone with this app.