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See their current whereabouts on a detailed map

Check their route history over a specific period of time

Access all data information directly from your Control Panel
iOS 6 – 8.4; 9.0-9.1 Jailbreak required
Android 4.0+
Why will you find this feature useful?

You cannot be around your children all the time. Children can wander off, get lost or even kidnapped. GPS locator allows you to easily track your children’s whereabouts and view their route history.

With the help of KeepKidSecure geo-fencing, you’ll be able to set borders drawn on a digital map and get alerted immediately if the phone leaves those borders.

Apps to stop bullying and harassment. Full PG control to allow parents to monitor and view their childrens’ WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Emails, GPS locations, calls and listen to phone calls and more. Find out what is usually hidden in a phone with this app.