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Manage the restrictions you have set from your personalized Control Panel
Block phone calls from all unwanted numbers
iOS 6 – 8.4; 9.0-9.1 Jailbreak required
Android 4.0+
Why will you find this feature useful?

If there is a phone number in your child’s call log or address book that you don’t approve of, you can block it withKeepKidSecure’s call restriction feature. When you have identified a bully or predator who is preying on your child, you can immediately block all communication with their phone number.

Monitor your child’s address book, text messages and phone log to make sure they aren’t communicating with the wrong people. If they are, you’ll be able to identify the threat remotely from your control panel.

Apps to stop bullying and harassment. Full PG control to allow parents to monitor and view their childrens’ WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Emails, GPS locations, calls and listen to phone calls and more. Find out what is usually hidden in a phone with this app.